Multibeam Report for TN234

Ship Name: Thomas G. Thompson
Chief Scientist: Resing, Joseph
NOAA/PMEL Vents Program
Source Organization: Marine Geoscience Data System (MGDS)
Start Date: 2009-05-05
End Date: 2009-05-10

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Multibeam Bathymetry

Cruise Details

Project: Neovolcanic activity in the NE Lau Basin - Cruise
Instrument: Simrad EM300

Data Quality

Number of Files: 43
Number of Records: 13013
BATHYMETRY DATA Quantity Percentage
Number of Beams 1751490 100%
Number of Good Beams 1566368 89.43%
Number of Zero Beams 134376 7.67%
Number of Flagged Beams 50746 2.9%
AMPLITUDE DATA Quantity Percentage
Number of Beams 1751490 100%
Number of Good Beams 1566368 89.43%
Number of Zero Beams 134376 7.67%
Number of Flagged Beams 50746 2.9%
SIDESCAN DATA Quantity Percentage
Number of Pixels 13285376 100%
Number of Good Pixels 7496907 56.43%
Number of Zero Pixels 0 0%
Number of Flagged Pixels 5788469 43.57%

Navigation Totals

Total Time: 22.8204 hours
Total Track Length: 440.3461 km
Average Speed: 19.296 km/hr (10.4190 knots)

Cruise Bounds

Northern Extent: -13.721444
Southern Extent: -15.40344
Western Extent: -174.26767
Eastern Extent: -171.78653


Minimum Sonar Depth 0 Maximum Sonar Depth 7.23
Minimum Altitude 0 Maximum Altitude 5138.48
Minimum Depth 0 Maximum Depth 5246.4502
Minimum Amplitude 0 Maximum Amplitude 16.5
Minimum Sidescan 0 Maximum Sidescan 75.5

File Information

Full Resolution Bathymetry as collected (raw): 14

Files File Size Description
0001_20090505_205059_raw.all.mb56.gz 74.5KB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0001_20090506_113031_raw.all.mb56.gz 2.13MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0001_20090510_223316_raw.all.mb56.gz 3.87MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0002_20090505_205126_raw.all.mb56.gz 18.8KB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0002_20090506_114623_raw.all.mb56.gz 1.10MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0002_20090510_225807_raw.all.mb56.gz 3.59MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0003_20090505_205400_raw.all.mb56.gz 43.8KB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0003_20090506_115416_raw.all.mb56.gz 15.63MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0003_20090510_232257_raw.all.mb56.gz 4.21MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0004_20090506_132320_raw.all.mb56.gz 3.86MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0005_20090506_233707_raw.all.mb56.gz 2.44MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0006_20090506_235432_raw.all.mb56.gz 10.60MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0008_20090507_210916_raw.all.mb56.gz 28.40MB Simrad multibeam vendor format
0010_20090507_234729_raw.all.mb56.gz 7.46MB Simrad multibeam vendor format

Full Resolution Bathymetry (processed): 14

Files File Size Description
0001_20090505_205059p.mb57.gz 92.1KB Simrad multibeam processing format
0001_20090506_113031p.mb57.gz 2.63MB Simrad multibeam processing format
0001_20090510_223316p.mb57.gz 4.70MB Simrad multibeam processing format
0002_20090505_205126p.mb57.gz 42.2KB Simrad multibeam processing format
0002_20090506_114623p.mb57.gz 1.37MB Simrad multibeam processing format
0002_20090510_225807p.mb57.gz 4.36MB Simrad multibeam processing format
0003_20090505_205400p.mb57.gz 64.2KB Simrad multibeam processing format
0003_20090506_115416p.mb57.gz 19.26MB Simrad multibeam processing format
0003_20090510_232257p.mb57.gz 5.10MB Simrad multibeam processing format
0004_20090506_132320p.mb57.gz 4.64MB Simrad multibeam processing format
0005_20090506_233707p.mb57.gz 2.94MB Simrad multibeam processing format
0006_20090506_235432p.mb57.gz 12.68MB Simrad multibeam processing format
0008_20090507_210916p.mb57.gz 34.33MB Simrad multibeam processing format
0010_20090507_234729p.mb57.gz 8.92MB Simrad multibeam processing format

Metadata Files: 5

Files File Size Description
TN234_Multibeam.xml NGDC created ISO metadata
TN234.xml 24.6KB XML metadata file
metadata.xml 138.2KB XML metadata file
tn234-EM300-README.docx 85.8KB Data report or metadata in Word document format
tn234-EM300-README.pdf 62.9KB PDF metadata file