Multibeam Report for CC2_BlockA11

Ship Name: Ventresca
Chief Scientist: Iampietro, Pat
California State University, Monterey Bay
Source Organization: CSU Monterey Bay Seafloor Mapping Lab
Start Date: 2007-03-03
End Date: 2010-07-29

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Multibeam Bathymetry

Cruise Details

Project: California State Mapping Project
Instrument: Reson 7125 and Reson 8101 and Sea Swathplus

Data Quality

Number of Files: 1235
Number of Records: 976263
BATHYMETRY DATA Quantity Percentage
Number of Beams 1312595957 100%
Number of Good Beams 874687043 66.64%
Number of Zero Beams 2679769 0.2%
Number of Flagged Beams 435229145 33.16%

Navigation Totals

Total Time: 53.0598 hours
Total Track Length: 549.3705 km
Average Speed: 10.354 km/hr (5.5907 knots)

Cruise Bounds

Northern Extent: 38.33079
Southern Extent: 38.23947
Western Extent: -123.061646
Eastern Extent: -122.971924


Minimum Sonar Depth 0 Maximum Sonar Depth 1.33
Minimum Altitude 0 Maximum Altitude 26.817
Minimum Depth 0 Maximum Depth 27.945

File Information

Full Resolution Bathymetry as collected (raw): 451

Files File Size Description
20100729_201033_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 1111.82MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_201822_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 438.83MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_202257_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 563.26MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_202720_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 801.12MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_203352_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 441.55MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_203841_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 626.80MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_204335_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 517.16MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_204758_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 972.01MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_205444_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 685.35MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_210806_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 1609.83MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_212521_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 749.37MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_213424_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 721.45MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_214258_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 942.50MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_215900_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 993.15MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_220808_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 834.95MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_221444_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 784.59MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_222210_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 879.52MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
20100729_222859_ventresca7125.s7k.mb88.gz 685.42MB Reson S7K multibeam vendor format
45CC253-1836.XTF.mb84.gz 332.92MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-1903.XTF.mb84.gz 234.13MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-1919.XTF.mb84.gz 227.90MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-1935.XTF.mb84.gz 127.04MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-1944.XTF.mb84.gz 112.09MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-1952.XTF.mb84.gz 91.45MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-2000.XTF.mb84.gz 64.89MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-2004.XTF.mb84.gz 64.36MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-2005.XTF.mb84.gz 54.50MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-2013.XTF.mb84.gz 59.80MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-2017.XTF.mb84.gz 11.73MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-2019.XTF.mb84.gz 15.13MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-2024.XTF.mb84.gz 334.88MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-2053.XTF.mb84.gz 348.90MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-2118.XTF.mb84.gz 10.20MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-2119.XTF.mb84.gz 9.22MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-2140.XTF.mb84.gz 339.82MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-2204.XTF.mb84.gz 339.79MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-2227.XTF.mb84.gz 42.27MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-2235.XTF.mb84.gz 295.23MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
45CC253-2255.XTF.mb84.gz 336.58MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
H45CC253-2120.XTF.mb84.gz 25.54MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
H45CC253-2122.XTF.mb84.gz 26.96MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
H45CC253-2124.XTF.mb84.gz 21.03MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
H45CC253-2126.XTF.mb84.gz 26.65MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
H45CC253-2128.XTF.mb84.gz 30.31MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
H45CC253-2130.XTF.mb84.gz 30.16MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
H45CC253-2138.XTF.mb84.gz 5.08MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
H45CC253-2318.XTF.mb84.gz 78.11MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
H45CC253-2324.XTF.mb84.gz 63.30MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
H45CC253-2329.XTF.mb84.gz 61.49MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
H45CC253-2334.XTF.mb84.gz 81.15MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
H45CC253-2340.XTF.mb84.gz 67.18MB XTF format Reson SeaBat 81XX
2009Sep16_164300.sxr.gz 285.12MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_165302.sxr.gz 285.87MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_170302.sxr.gz 284.43MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_171838.sxr.gz 284.80MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_172839.sxr.gz 285.45MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_173839.sxr.gz 154.71MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_174412.sxr.gz 21.04MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_174927.sxr.gz 284.95MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_175929.sxr.gz 285.41MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_180929.sxr.gz 285.13MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_181929.sxr.gz 285.64MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_182929.sxr.gz 285.19MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_183929.sxr.gz 90.31MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_184655.sxr.gz 284.87MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_185656.sxr.gz 285.88MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_190656.sxr.gz 271.29MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_192034.sxr.gz 285.05MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_193036.sxr.gz 285.80MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_194036.sxr.gz 185.08MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_195133.sxr.gz 284.79MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_200134.sxr.gz 285.61MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_201134.sxr.gz 285.11MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_202134.sxr.gz 285.42MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_203134.sxr.gz 285.23MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_204134.sxr.gz 81.08MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_204818.sxr.gz 284.49MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_205821.sxr.gz 285.49MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_210821.sxr.gz 280.95MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_212303.sxr.gz 284.55MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_213305.sxr.gz 285.18MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_214305.sxr.gz 285.18MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_215305.sxr.gz 54.18MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_215859.sxr.gz 285.05MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_220901.sxr.gz 285.74MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_221901.sxr.gz 285.24MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_222901.sxr.gz 285.49MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_223901.sxr.gz 285.50MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_224901.sxr.gz 58.35MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_225534.sxr.gz 284.80MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_230536.sxr.gz 285.05MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_231536.sxr.gz 209.60MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_232732.sxr.gz 284.68MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_233733.sxr.gz 285.19MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep16_234733.sxr.gz 241.73MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_000306.sxr.gz 285.30MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_001307.sxr.gz 178.83MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_002141.sxr.gz 239.96MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_144819.sxr.gz 284.10MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_145821.sxr.gz 283.84MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_150821.sxr.gz 164.58MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_151907.sxr.gz 284.44MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_152908.sxr.gz 285.20MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_153908.sxr.gz 130.85MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_154349.sxr.gz 3.03MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_154828.sxr.gz 283.96MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_155829.sxr.gz 284.95MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_160829.sxr.gz 284.57MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_161829.sxr.gz 284.45MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_162829.sxr.gz 284.93MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_163829.sxr.gz 167.54MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_164437.sxr.gz 47.12MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_165037.sxr.gz 283.99MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_170038.sxr.gz 284.37MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_171038.sxr.gz 162.18MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_172125.sxr.gz 284.06MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_173132.sxr.gz 285.57MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_174132.sxr.gz 135.46MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_174619.sxr.gz 15.54MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_174656.sxr.gz 13.27MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_175142.sxr.gz 284.19MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_180143.sxr.gz 285.57MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_181143.sxr.gz 285.31MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_182143.sxr.gz 285.18MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_183143.sxr.gz 285.44MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_184143.sxr.gz 103.44MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_184521.sxr.gz 13.27MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_184552.sxr.gz 56.90MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_185147.sxr.gz 285.56MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_190149.sxr.gz 285.81MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_191149.sxr.gz 243.00MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_192649.sxr.gz 284.54MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_193651.sxr.gz 284.92MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_194651.sxr.gz 118.97MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_195102.sxr.gz 11.56MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_195129.sxr.gz 27.22MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_195925.sxr.gz 284.17MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_200927.sxr.gz 285.04MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_201927.sxr.gz 284.61MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_202927.sxr.gz 284.35MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_203927.sxr.gz 245.52MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_204805.sxr.gz 11.87MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_204832.sxr.gz 34.10MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_205313.sxr.gz 283.74MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_210315.sxr.gz 284.62MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_211315.sxr.gz 255.38MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_212749.sxr.gz 284.18MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_213751.sxr.gz 284.30MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep17_214751.sxr.gz 171.00MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_135910.sxr.gz 282.73MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_140911.sxr.gz 277.11MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_142316.sxr.gz 284.95MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_143318.sxr.gz 285.63MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_144318.sxr.gz 285.38MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_145318.sxr.gz 135.09MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_150443.sxr.gz 285.38MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_151445.sxr.gz 284.89MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_152445.sxr.gz 285.65MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_153445.sxr.gz 285.38MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_154445.sxr.gz 285.60MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_155445.sxr.gz 11.62MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_155510.sxr.gz 12.51MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_155539.sxr.gz 27.22MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_160225.sxr.gz 285.45MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_161228.sxr.gz 229.17MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_162433.sxr.gz 285.19MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_163435.sxr.gz 285.82MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_164435.sxr.gz 285.77MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_165435.sxr.gz 52.99MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_170208.sxr.gz 285.13MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_171215.sxr.gz 285.89MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_172215.sxr.gz 285.57MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_173215.sxr.gz 286.32MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_174215.sxr.gz 286.20MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_175215.sxr.gz 32.59MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_175658.sxr.gz 29.81MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_175804.sxr.gz 284.43MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_180805.sxr.gz 285.81MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_181805.sxr.gz 157.18MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_183107.sxr.gz 285.44MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_184108.sxr.gz 285.62MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_185108.sxr.gz 132.55MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_185547.sxr.gz 15.79MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_185623.sxr.gz 94.73MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_190514.sxr.gz 284.49MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_191516.sxr.gz 285.23MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_192516.sxr.gz 284.91MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_193516.sxr.gz 285.29MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_194516.sxr.gz 227.33MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_195649.sxr.gz 25.64MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_195745.sxr.gz 284.04MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_200746.sxr.gz 285.30MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_201746.sxr.gz 285.04MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_202746.sxr.gz 134.18MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_203547.sxr.gz 285.55MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_204549.sxr.gz 285.56MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_205549.sxr.gz 284.93MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_210549.sxr.gz 124.78MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_211041.sxr.gz 284.62MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_212042.sxr.gz 285.00MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_213042.sxr.gz 284.93MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_214042.sxr.gz 73.95MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_214340.sxr.gz 283.92MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_215341.sxr.gz 19.51MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_215931.sxr.gz 283.61MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_220932.sxr.gz 285.19MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_221932.sxr.gz 78.56MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_222218.sxr.gz 34.99MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_222336.sxr.gz 284.55MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_223337.sxr.gz 285.43MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_224337.sxr.gz 269.20MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_225309.sxr.gz 15.98MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_225346.sxr.gz 284.04MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_230347.sxr.gz 126.42MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_231255.sxr.gz 284.81MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_232257.sxr.gz 250.21MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_233143.sxr.gz 284.71MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_234145.sxr.gz 61.08MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_234933.sxr.gz 283.92MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep18_235937.sxr.gz 285.15MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_000937.sxr.gz 226.21MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_142416.sxr.gz 92.02MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_142735.sxr.gz 284.34MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_143736.sxr.gz 285.49MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_144736.sxr.gz 218.12MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_150022.sxr.gz 284.90MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_151023.sxr.gz 285.64MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_152023.sxr.gz 128.45MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_152517.sxr.gz 284.84MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_153518.sxr.gz 285.22MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_154518.sxr.gz 162.56MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_155101.sxr.gz 283.69MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_160102.sxr.gz 285.31MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_161102.sxr.gz 109.38MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_161517.sxr.gz 285.19MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_162519.sxr.gz 18.95MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_163037.sxr.gz 284.88MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_164038.sxr.gz 53.81MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_164303.sxr.gz 285.13MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_165304.sxr.gz 273.06MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_170303.sxr.gz 284.56MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_171306.sxr.gz 252.22MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_172156.sxr.gz 9.22MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_172218.sxr.gz 285.82MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_173219.sxr.gz 214.14MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_174012.sxr.gz 129.96MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_181514.sxr.gz 239.34MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_182723.sxr.gz 151.57MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_184300.sxr.gz 284.93MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_185301.sxr.gz 53.55MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_190205.sxr.gz 285.56MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_191207.sxr.gz 15.16MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_191239.sxr.gz 285.17MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_192241.sxr.gz 45.66MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_192444.sxr.gz 283.33MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_193502.sxr.gz 285.61MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_194504.sxr.gz 25.70MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_194629.sxr.gz 159.19MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_195653.sxr.gz 119.22MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_200106.sxr.gz 29.18MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_200210.sxr.gz 200.74MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_200942.sxr.gz 155.22MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_201512.sxr.gz 156.73MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_202106.sxr.gz 19.08MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_202150.sxr.gz 124.40MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_202615.sxr.gz 119.23MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_211124.sxr.gz 145.44MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_211633.sxr.gz 78.50MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_211948.sxr.gz 65.30MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_214122.sxr.gz 27.66MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_214226.sxr.gz 94.35MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_214614.sxr.gz 82.79MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_214911.sxr.gz 91.38MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_215245.sxr.gz 81.97MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_220831.sxr.gz 284.06MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_221832.sxr.gz 284.81MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_222832.sxr.gz 284.81MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_223832.sxr.gz 284.81MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_224832.sxr.gz 285.05MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep19_225832.sxr.gz 175.49MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_142447.sxr.gz 285.56MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_143449.sxr.gz 65.81MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_150429.sxr.gz 284.82MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_151431.sxr.gz 54.06MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_153145.sxr.gz 265.61MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_155745.sxr.gz 216.23MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_161516.sxr.gz 284.19MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_162517.sxr.gz 285.69MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_163517.sxr.gz 286.00MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_164517.sxr.gz 72.81MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_164751.sxr.gz 14.34MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_164823.sxr.gz 285.69MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_165824.sxr.gz 286.82MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_170824.sxr.gz 286.19MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_171824.sxr.gz 94.72MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_172237.sxr.gz 285.74MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_173239.sxr.gz 286.25MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_174239.sxr.gz 286.27MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_175239.sxr.gz 22.61MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_175326.sxr.gz 286.11MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_180327.sxr.gz 277.64MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_181905.sxr.gz 285.39MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_182906.sxr.gz 56.71MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_183642.sxr.gz 285.31MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_184645.sxr.gz 286.06MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_185645.sxr.gz 254.47MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_190541.sxr.gz 284.96MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_191547.sxr.gz 285.98MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_192547.sxr.gz 285.30MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_193547.sxr.gz 44.59MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_193740.sxr.gz 285.55MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_194742.sxr.gz 285.93MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep24_195742.sxr.gz 261.66MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_141134.sxr.gz 283.19MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_142146.sxr.gz 286.20MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_143146.sxr.gz 285.95MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_144146.sxr.gz 14.90MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_145129.sxr.gz 286.06MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_150135.sxr.gz 285.94MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_151135.sxr.gz 284.82MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_152135.sxr.gz 51.41MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_152324.sxr.gz 18.82MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_152405.sxr.gz 284.43MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_153406.sxr.gz 286.19MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_154406.sxr.gz 273.05MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_155401.sxr.gz 285.18MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_160402.sxr.gz 285.55MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_161402.sxr.gz 285.43MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_162402.sxr.gz 12.63MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_162429.sxr.gz 19.20MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_162511.sxr.gz 284.42MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_163512.sxr.gz 163.87MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_164839.sxr.gz 285.31MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_165840.sxr.gz 103.31MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_170257.sxr.gz 285.38MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_171258.sxr.gz 286.26MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_172258.sxr.gz 285.56MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_173258.sxr.gz 20.59MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_173341.sxr.gz 285.36MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_174342.sxr.gz 285.69MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_175342.sxr.gz 267.81MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_180858.sxr.gz 286.44MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_181858.sxr.gz 286.88MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_182858.sxr.gz 243.56MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_183728.sxr.gz 23.68MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_183821.sxr.gz 267.30MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_185209.sxr.gz 285.98MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_190210.sxr.gz 22.29MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_190257.sxr.gz 133.61MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_190815.sxr.gz 40.92MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_191801.sxr.gz 153.12MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_193126.sxr.gz 89.23MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_194224.sxr.gz 93.08MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_195438.sxr.gz 286.04MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_200439.sxr.gz 286.74MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_201439.sxr.gz 279.42MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_202822.sxr.gz 284.37MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_203823.sxr.gz 237.50MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_205117.sxr.gz 284.93MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_210118.sxr.gz 145.39MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_210735.sxr.gz 72.70MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_211011.sxr.gz 284.96MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_212012.sxr.gz 284.98MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_213012.sxr.gz 104.33MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_213411.sxr.gz 284.45MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_214412.sxr.gz 285.21MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_215412.sxr.gz 62.14MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_215623.sxr.gz 284.07MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_220624.sxr.gz 284.68MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_221624.sxr.gz 21.98MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_221732.sxr.gz 284.05MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_222733.sxr.gz 284.55MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_223733.sxr.gz 20.52MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep25_223817.sxr.gz 166.59MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_140039.sxr.gz 42.06MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_140211.sxr.gz 233.22MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_141538.sxr.gz 285.69MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_142541.sxr.gz 285.69MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_143541.sxr.gz 112.15MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_144706.sxr.gz 284.69MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_145708.sxr.gz 285.88MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_150708.sxr.gz 264.79MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_151644.sxr.gz 44.90MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_152422.sxr.gz 285.69MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_153424.sxr.gz 285.56MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_154424.sxr.gz 285.56MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_155424.sxr.gz 285.44MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_160424.sxr.gz 285.44MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_161424.sxr.gz 21.41MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_161509.sxr.gz 16.61MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_162015.sxr.gz 284.43MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_163019.sxr.gz 286.06MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_164019.sxr.gz 121.37MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_165131.sxr.gz 285.95MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_170133.sxr.gz 286.39MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_171133.sxr.gz 239.09MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_171955.sxr.gz 21.60MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_172043.sxr.gz 36.88MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_172601.sxr.gz 285.41MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_173602.sxr.gz 285.93MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_174602.sxr.gz 285.46MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_175602.sxr.gz 286.07MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_180602.sxr.gz 286.72MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep26_181602.sxr.gz 26.34MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_144923.sxr.gz 209.16MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_145714.sxr.gz 216.36MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_150528.sxr.gz 217.37MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_151308.sxr.gz 207.27MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_152055.sxr.gz 221.66MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_152844.sxr.gz 237.57MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_153707.sxr.gz 171.84MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_154335.sxr.gz 162.80MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_154948.sxr.gz 163.18MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_155533.sxr.gz 196.14MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_160259.sxr.gz 160.84MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_160840.sxr.gz 165.21MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_161901.sxr.gz 165.45MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_162453.sxr.gz 165.08MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_163111.sxr.gz 147.96MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_163624.sxr.gz 144.37MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_165041.sxr.gz 284.62MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_170042.sxr.gz 285.94MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_171042.sxr.gz 52.41MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_171828.sxr.gz 285.06MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_172829.sxr.gz 285.06MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_173829.sxr.gz 240.60MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_175906.sxr.gz 207.44MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_180652.sxr.gz 155.16MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_183640.sxr.gz 123.77MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_184728.sxr.gz 50.83MB raw interferometric sonar file
2009Sep27_184935.sxr.gz 42.31MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_201034.sxr.gz 205.12MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_202036.sxr.gz 27.80MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_202158.sxr.gz 109.25MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_202722.sxr.gz 112.96MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_203258.sxr.gz 97.27MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_203747.sxr.gz 103.25MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_204254.sxr.gz 83.05MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_204659.sxr.gz 151.21MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_205423.sxr.gz 113.69MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_210759.sxr.gz 205.36MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_211801.sxr.gz 85.57MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_212423.sxr.gz 192.16MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_213345.sxr.gz 175.84MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_214222.sxr.gz 205.07MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_215223.sxr.gz 17.81MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_215828.sxr.gz 186.87MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_220804.sxr.gz 112.39MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_221337.sxr.gz 148.11MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_222051.sxr.gz 139.81MB raw interferometric sonar file
2010Jul29_222744.sxr.gz 112.22MB raw interferometric sonar file

Full Resolution Bathymetry (processed): 778

Files File Size Description
20100729_201033_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 66.28MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_201822_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 25.95MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_202257_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 33.23MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_202720_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 47.68MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_203352_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 26.03MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_203841_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 37.60MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_204335_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 31.14MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_204758_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 58.15MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_205444_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 40.70MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_210806_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 94.70MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_212521_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 43.97MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_213424_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 42.30MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_214258_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 55.17MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_215900_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 58.58MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_220808_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 49.98MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_221444_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 46.68MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_222210_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 52.59MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
20100729_222859_ventresca7125.gsf.mb121.gz 40.87MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-1836.gsf.mb121.gz 76.12MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-1903.gsf.mb121.gz 53.21MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-1919.gsf.mb121.gz 51.16MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-1935.gsf.mb121.gz 30.09MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-1944.gsf.mb121.gz 26.04MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-1952.gsf.mb121.gz 20.77MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-2000.gsf.mb121.gz 15.02MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-2004.gsf.mb121.gz 15.44MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-2005.gsf.mb121.gz 12.43MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-2013.gsf.mb121.gz 14.29MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-2017.gsf.mb121.gz 2.69MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-2019.gsf.mb121.gz 3.46MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-2024.gsf.mb121.gz 76.49MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-2053.gsf.mb121.gz 80.80MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-2118.gsf.mb121.gz 2.57MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-2119.gsf.mb121.gz 2.32MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-2140.gsf.mb121.gz 78.93MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-2204.gsf.mb121.gz 79.37MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-2227.gsf.mb121.gz 11.04MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-2235.gsf.mb121.gz 68.17MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
45CC253-2255.gsf.mb121.gz 79.64MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
H45CC253-2120.gsf.mb121.gz 6.26MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
H45CC253-2122.gsf.mb121.gz 6.58MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
H45CC253-2124.gsf.mb121.gz 5.23MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
H45CC253-2126.gsf.mb121.gz 6.61MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
H45CC253-2128.gsf.mb121.gz 7.68MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
H45CC253-2130.gsf.mb121.gz 7.11MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
H45CC253-2138.gsf.mb121.gz 1.25MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
H45CC253-2318.gsf.mb121.gz 20.49MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
H45CC253-2324.gsf.mb121.gz 16.33MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
H45CC253-2329.gsf.mb121.gz 15.68MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
H45CC253-2334.gsf.mb121.gz 20.12MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
H45CC253-2340.gsf.mb121.gz 16.57MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_164300.gsf.mb121.gz 52.41MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_164300.sxp.mb222.gz 256.47MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_165302.gsf.mb121.gz 52.61MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_165302.sxp.mb222.gz 251.57MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_170302.gsf.mb121.gz 52.33MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_170302.sxp.mb222.gz 224.82MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_171838.gsf.mb121.gz 52.31MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_171838.sxp.mb222.gz 276.12MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_172839.gsf.mb121.gz 52.44MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_172839.sxp.mb222.gz 306.50MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_173839.gsf.mb121.gz 25.82MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_173839.sxp.mb222.gz 102.85MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_174412.gsf.mb121.gz 3.21MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_174412.sxp.mb222.gz 10.87MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_184655.gsf.mb121.gz 52.46MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_184655.sxp.mb222.gz 242.62MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_185656.gsf.mb121.gz 52.64MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_185656.sxp.mb222.gz 247.33MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_190656.gsf.mb121.gz 49.87MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_190656.sxp.mb222.gz 211.09MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_192034.gsf.mb121.gz 44.60MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_192034.sxp.mb222.gz 218.11MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_193036.gsf.mb121.gz 52.07MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_193036.sxp.mb222.gz 284.68MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_194036.gsf.mb121.gz 33.96MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_194036.sxp.mb222.gz 142.51MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_204818.gsf.mb121.gz 52.26MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_204818.sxp.mb222.gz 228.72MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_205821.gsf.mb121.gz 52.59MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_205821.sxp.mb222.gz 238.85MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_210821.gsf.mb121.gz 48.67MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_210821.sxp.mb222.gz 184.70MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_213305.gsf.mb121.gz 50.79MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_213305.sxp.mb222.gz 253.59MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_214305.gsf.mb121.gz 51.55MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_214305.sxp.mb222.gz 233.81MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_215305.gsf.mb121.gz 7.45MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_215305.sxp.mb222.gz 24.43MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_215859.gsf.mb121.gz 49.04MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_215859.sxp.mb222.gz 204.99MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_220901.gsf.mb121.gz 50.99MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_220901.sxp.mb222.gz 257.03MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_221901.gsf.mb121.gz 46.87MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_221901.sxp.mb222.gz 164.61MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_222901.gsf.mb121.gz 52.58MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_222901.sxp.mb222.gz 224.23MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_223901.gsf.mb121.gz 52.59MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_223901.sxp.mb222.gz 233.89MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_224901.gsf.mb121.gz 10.12MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_224901.sxp.mb222.gz 38.59MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_225534.gsf.mb121.gz 52.16MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_225534.sxp.mb222.gz 227.38MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_230536.gsf.mb121.gz 51.69MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_230536.sxp.mb222.gz 201.85MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_231536.gsf.mb121.gz 36.93MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_231536.sxp.mb222.gz 137.78MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_232732.gsf.mb121.gz 48.95MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_232732.sxp.mb222.gz 205.02MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_233733.gsf.mb121.gz 51.87MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_233733.sxp.mb222.gz 273.35MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep16_234733.gsf.mb121.gz 42.84MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep16_234733.sxp.mb222.gz 169.54MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_000306.gsf.mb121.gz 40.77MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_000306.sxp.mb222.gz 137.78MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_001307.gsf.mb121.gz 13.65MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_001307.sxp.mb222.gz 44.61MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_002141.gsf.mb121.gz 29.35MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_002141.sxp.mb222.gz 96.75MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_144819.gsf.mb121.gz 52.22MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_144819.sxp.mb222.gz 224.87MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_145821.gsf.mb121.gz 52.13MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_145821.sxp.mb222.gz 223.37MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_150821.gsf.mb121.gz 27.44MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_150821.sxp.mb222.gz 113.61MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_152908.gsf.mb121.gz 52.12MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_152908.sxp.mb222.gz 263.29MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_153908.gsf.mb121.gz 23.56MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_153908.sxp.mb222.gz 99.82MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_154349.gsf.mb121.gz 11.1KB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_154349.sxp.mb222.gz 15.9KB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_154828.gsf.mb121.gz 51.98MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_154828.sxp.mb222.gz 236.03MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_155829.gsf.mb121.gz 51.60MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_155829.sxp.mb222.gz 268.92MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_160829.gsf.mb121.gz 52.02MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_160829.sxp.mb222.gz 220.28MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_161829.gsf.mb121.gz 52.12MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_161829.sxp.mb222.gz 218.22MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_162829.gsf.mb121.gz 52.35MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_162829.sxp.mb222.gz 230.02MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_163829.gsf.mb121.gz 30.53MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_163829.sxp.mb222.gz 127.76MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_164437.gsf.mb121.gz 8.01MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_164437.sxp.mb222.gz 28.49MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_165037.gsf.mb121.gz 51.92MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_165037.sxp.mb222.gz 220.73MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_170038.gsf.mb121.gz 20.20MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_170038.sxp.mb222.gz 80.21MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_171038.gsf.mb121.gz 29.71MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_171038.sxp.mb222.gz 119.81MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_172125.gsf.mb121.gz 51.81MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_172125.sxp.mb222.gz 237.37MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_173132.gsf.mb121.gz 51.61MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_173132.sxp.mb222.gz 259.86MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_174132.gsf.mb121.gz 24.80MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_174132.sxp.mb222.gz 105.47MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_174619.gsf.mb121.gz 1.61MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_174619.sxp.mb222.gz 5.25MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_174656.gsf.mb121.gz 2.19MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_174656.sxp.mb222.gz 7.53MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_175142.gsf.mb121.gz 51.92MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_175142.sxp.mb222.gz 236.00MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_180143.gsf.mb121.gz 51.96MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_180143.sxp.mb222.gz 273.72MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_181143.gsf.mb121.gz 52.28MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_181143.sxp.mb222.gz 219.90MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_182143.gsf.mb121.gz 23.64MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_182143.sxp.mb222.gz 96.10MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_183143.gsf.mb121.gz 52.38MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_183143.sxp.mb222.gz 229.79MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_184143.gsf.mb121.gz 18.20MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_184143.sxp.mb222.gz 67.93MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_184521.gsf.mb121.gz 1.86MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_184521.sxp.mb222.gz 6.15MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_184552.gsf.mb121.gz 8.66MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_184552.sxp.mb222.gz 29.22MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_185147.gsf.mb121.gz 52.00MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_185147.sxp.mb222.gz 220.59MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_190149.gsf.mb121.gz 52.46MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_190149.sxp.mb222.gz 218.21MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_191149.gsf.mb121.gz 44.56MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_191149.sxp.mb222.gz 183.59MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_192649.gsf.mb121.gz 51.76MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_192649.sxp.mb222.gz 248.68MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_193651.gsf.mb121.gz 52.28MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_193651.sxp.mb222.gz 267.10MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_194651.gsf.mb121.gz 21.80MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_194651.sxp.mb222.gz 89.96MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_195102.gsf.mb121.gz 1.10MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_195102.sxp.mb222.gz 3.59MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_195129.gsf.mb121.gz 4.09MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_195129.sxp.mb222.gz 13.79MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_195925.gsf.mb121.gz 51.94MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_195925.sxp.mb222.gz 238.69MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_200927.gsf.mb121.gz 52.07MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_200927.sxp.mb222.gz 260.45MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_201927.gsf.mb121.gz 51.87MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_201927.sxp.mb222.gz 203.78MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_202927.gsf.mb121.gz 52.02MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_202927.sxp.mb222.gz 204.68MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_203927.gsf.mb121.gz 44.31MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_203927.sxp.mb222.gz 174.65MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_204805.gsf.mb121.gz 1.64MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_204805.sxp.mb222.gz 5.42MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_204832.gsf.mb121.gz 4.41MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_204832.sxp.mb222.gz 14.87MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_205313.gsf.mb121.gz 50.99MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_205313.sxp.mb222.gz 201.11MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_210315.gsf.mb121.gz 27.74MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_210315.sxp.mb222.gz 111.52MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_211315.gsf.mb121.gz 242.5KB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_211315.sxp.mb222.gz 0.93MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_212749.gsf.mb121.gz 32.47MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_212749.sxp.mb222.gz 157.62MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_213751.gsf.mb121.gz 52.17MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_213751.sxp.mb222.gz 255.18MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep17_214751.gsf.mb121.gz 29.77MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep17_214751.sxp.mb222.gz 117.13MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_135910.gsf.mb121.gz 51.34MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_135910.sxp.mb222.gz 244.17MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_140911.gsf.mb121.gz 50.73MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_140911.sxp.mb222.gz 263.78MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_142316.gsf.mb121.gz 52.13MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_142316.sxp.mb222.gz 243.79MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_143318.gsf.mb121.gz 52.46MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_143318.sxp.mb222.gz 237.87MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_144318.gsf.mb121.gz 52.41MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_144318.sxp.mb222.gz 240.49MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_145318.gsf.mb121.gz 24.76MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_145318.sxp.mb222.gz 109.74MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_150443.gsf.mb121.gz 52.43MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_150443.sxp.mb222.gz 237.86MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_151445.gsf.mb121.gz 52.32MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_151445.sxp.mb222.gz 234.19MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_152445.gsf.mb121.gz 52.42MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_152445.sxp.mb222.gz 256.62MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_153445.gsf.mb121.gz 52.01MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_153445.sxp.mb222.gz 275.30MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_154445.gsf.mb121.gz 52.46MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_154445.sxp.mb222.gz 261.82MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_155445.gsf.mb121.gz 2.10MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_155445.sxp.mb222.gz 7.69MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_155510.gsf.mb121.gz 1.34MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_155510.sxp.mb222.gz 4.38MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_155539.gsf.mb121.gz 4.61MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_155539.sxp.mb222.gz 17.12MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_160225.gsf.mb121.gz 52.25MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_160225.sxp.mb222.gz 266.64MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_161228.gsf.mb121.gz 41.98MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_161228.sxp.mb222.gz 223.48MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_162433.gsf.mb121.gz 52.20MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_162433.sxp.mb222.gz 249.03MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_163435.gsf.mb121.gz 52.48MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_163435.sxp.mb222.gz 240.05MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_164435.gsf.mb121.gz 52.47MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_164435.sxp.mb222.gz 239.16MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_165435.gsf.mb121.gz 9.61MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_165435.sxp.mb222.gz 37.42MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_170208.gsf.mb121.gz 52.31MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_170208.sxp.mb222.gz 220.30MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_171215.gsf.mb121.gz 52.54MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_171215.sxp.mb222.gz 238.15MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_172215.gsf.mb121.gz 52.43MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_172215.sxp.mb222.gz 236.74MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_173215.gsf.mb121.gz 52.11MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_173215.sxp.mb222.gz 278.03MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_174215.gsf.mb121.gz 52.53MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_174215.sxp.mb222.gz 271.43MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_175215.gsf.mb121.gz 5.90MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_175215.sxp.mb222.gz 22.97MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_175658.gsf.mb121.gz 3.88MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_175658.sxp.mb222.gz 12.88MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_175804.gsf.mb121.gz 51.90MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_175804.sxp.mb222.gz 259.47MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_180805.gsf.mb121.gz 52.29MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_180805.sxp.mb222.gz 277.17MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_181805.gsf.mb121.gz 28.82MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_181805.sxp.mb222.gz 142.36MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_183107.gsf.mb121.gz 52.35MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_183107.sxp.mb222.gz 230.02MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_184108.gsf.mb121.gz 52.49MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_184108.sxp.mb222.gz 241.55MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_185108.gsf.mb121.gz 23.83MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_185108.sxp.mb222.gz 94.97MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_185547.gsf.mb121.gz 2.58MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_185547.sxp.mb222.gz 8.74MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_185623.gsf.mb121.gz 15.28MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_185623.sxp.mb222.gz 53.80MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_190514.gsf.mb121.gz 52.29MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_190514.sxp.mb222.gz 233.66MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_191516.gsf.mb121.gz 52.41MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_191516.sxp.mb222.gz 231.28MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_192516.gsf.mb121.gz 52.27MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_192516.sxp.mb222.gz 267.74MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_193516.gsf.mb121.gz 52.25MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_193516.sxp.mb222.gz 283.32MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_194516.gsf.mb121.gz 41.42MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_194516.sxp.mb222.gz 199.52MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_195649.gsf.mb121.gz 3.27MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_195649.sxp.mb222.gz 10.81MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_195745.gsf.mb121.gz 51.62MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_195745.sxp.mb222.gz 256.92MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_200746.gsf.mb121.gz 52.32MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_200746.sxp.mb222.gz 286.07MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_201746.gsf.mb121.gz 52.32MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_201746.sxp.mb222.gz 265.31MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_202746.gsf.mb121.gz 24.66MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_202746.sxp.mb222.gz 119.40MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_203547.gsf.mb121.gz 52.30MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_203547.sxp.mb222.gz 255.48MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_204549.gsf.mb121.gz 52.39MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_204549.sxp.mb222.gz 281.82MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_205549.gsf.mb121.gz 52.30MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_205549.sxp.mb222.gz 282.98MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_210549.gsf.mb121.gz 21.86MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_210549.sxp.mb222.gz 96.10MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_211041.gsf.mb121.gz 50.80MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_211041.sxp.mb222.gz 245.52MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_212042.gsf.mb121.gz 52.30MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_212042.sxp.mb222.gz 282.23MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_213042.gsf.mb121.gz 52.34MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_213042.sxp.mb222.gz 265.62MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_214042.gsf.mb121.gz 13.59MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_214042.sxp.mb222.gz 63.08MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_214340.gsf.mb121.gz 52.10MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_214340.sxp.mb222.gz 253.33MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_215341.gsf.mb121.gz 3.59MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_215341.sxp.mb222.gz 16.18MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_215931.gsf.mb121.gz 52.14MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_215931.sxp.mb222.gz 283.60MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_220932.gsf.mb121.gz 52.39MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_220932.sxp.mb222.gz 271.68MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_221932.gsf.mb121.gz 14.20MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_221932.sxp.mb222.gz 57.34MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_222218.gsf.mb121.gz 4.83MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_222218.sxp.mb222.gz 16.28MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_222336.gsf.mb121.gz 52.01MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_222336.sxp.mb222.gz 250.32MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_223337.gsf.mb121.gz 52.47MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_223337.sxp.mb222.gz 274.01MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_224337.gsf.mb121.gz 49.25MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_224337.sxp.mb222.gz 226.06MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_225309.gsf.mb121.gz 2.73MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_225309.sxp.mb222.gz 9.47MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_225346.gsf.mb121.gz 51.47MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_225346.sxp.mb222.gz 222.03MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_230347.gsf.mb121.gz 23.28MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_230347.sxp.mb222.gz 116.79MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_231255.gsf.mb121.gz 52.32MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_231255.sxp.mb222.gz 265.73MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_232257.gsf.mb121.gz 45.18MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_232257.sxp.mb222.gz 207.56MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_233143.gsf.mb121.gz 29.33MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_233143.sxp.mb222.gz 96.18MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_234145.gsf.mb121.gz 4.92MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_234145.sxp.mb222.gz 16.22MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_234933.gsf.mb121.gz 37.24MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_234933.sxp.mb222.gz 123.24MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep18_235937.gsf.mb121.gz 31.83MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep18_235937.sxp.mb222.gz 104.93MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_000937.gsf.mb121.gz 26.33MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_000937.sxp.mb222.gz 86.67MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_142416.gsf.mb121.gz 10.13MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_142416.sxp.mb222.gz 33.43MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_142735.gsf.mb121.gz 50.60MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_142735.sxp.mb222.gz 260.62MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_143736.gsf.mb121.gz 52.52MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_143736.sxp.mb222.gz 315.78MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_144736.gsf.mb121.gz 39.86MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_144736.sxp.mb222.gz 218.03MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_150022.gsf.mb121.gz 52.30MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_150022.sxp.mb222.gz 289.00MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_151023.gsf.mb121.gz 52.52MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_151023.sxp.mb222.gz 305.63MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_152023.gsf.mb121.gz 22.49MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_152023.sxp.mb222.gz 108.77MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_152517.gsf.mb121.gz 49.54MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_152517.sxp.mb222.gz 254.63MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_153518.gsf.mb121.gz 52.46MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_153518.sxp.mb222.gz 311.64MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_154518.gsf.mb121.gz 27.56MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_155101.gsf.mb121.gz 51.10MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_155101.sxp.mb222.gz 250.76MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_160102.gsf.mb121.gz 52.46MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_160102.sxp.mb222.gz 294.31MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_161102.gsf.mb121.gz 18.28MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_161102.sxp.mb222.gz 85.77MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_161517.gsf.mb121.gz 47.77MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_161517.sxp.mb222.gz 232.30MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_162519.gsf.mb121.gz 3.46MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_162519.sxp.mb222.gz 16.85MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_163037.gsf.mb121.gz 52.32MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_163037.sxp.mb222.gz 280.39MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_164038.gsf.mb121.gz 9.74MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_164038.sxp.mb222.gz 44.45MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_164303.gsf.mb121.gz 52.19MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_164303.sxp.mb222.gz 257.79MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_165304.gsf.mb121.gz 47.85MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_165304.sxp.mb222.gz 228.95MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_170303.gsf.mb121.gz 46.12MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_170303.sxp.mb222.gz 190.99MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_171306.gsf.mb121.gz 46.02MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_171306.sxp.mb222.gz 214.09MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_172156.gsf.mb121.gz 1.60MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_172156.sxp.mb222.gz 5.83MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_172218.gsf.mb121.gz 51.72MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_172218.sxp.mb222.gz 212.73MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_173219.gsf.mb121.gz 37.20MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_173219.sxp.mb222.gz 160.36MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_174012.gsf.mb121.gz 17.17MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_174012.sxp.mb222.gz 61.03MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_181514.gsf.mb121.gz 43.93MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_181514.sxp.mb222.gz 234.70MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_182723.gsf.mb121.gz 27.79MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_182723.sxp.mb222.gz 130.10MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_184300.gsf.mb121.gz 52.12MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_184300.sxp.mb222.gz 328.12MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_185301.gsf.mb121.gz 9.83MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_185301.sxp.mb222.gz 62.55MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_190205.gsf.mb121.gz 52.40MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_190205.sxp.mb222.gz 356.91MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_191207.gsf.mb121.gz 2.78MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_191207.sxp.mb222.gz 14.87MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_191239.gsf.mb121.gz 52.19MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_191239.sxp.mb222.gz 348.24MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_192241.gsf.mb121.gz 8.37MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_192241.sxp.mb222.gz 55.70MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_192444.gsf.mb121.gz 52.00MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_192444.sxp.mb222.gz 356.92MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_193502.gsf.mb121.gz 51.94MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_193502.sxp.mb222.gz 351.14MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_194504.gsf.mb121.gz 4.70MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_194504.sxp.mb222.gz 30.16MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_194629.gsf.mb121.gz 29.21MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_194629.sxp.mb222.gz 200.06MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_195653.gsf.mb121.gz 21.88MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_195653.sxp.mb222.gz 148.22MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_200106.gsf.mb121.gz 4.35MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_200106.sxp.mb222.gz 15.06MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_200210.gsf.mb121.gz 36.85MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_200210.sxp.mb222.gz 263.13MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_200942.gsf.mb121.gz 28.43MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_200942.sxp.mb222.gz 212.69MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_201512.gsf.mb121.gz 28.75MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_201512.sxp.mb222.gz 210.08MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_202106.gsf.mb121.gz 3.46MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_202106.sxp.mb222.gz 24.19MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_202150.gsf.mb121.gz 22.79MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_202150.sxp.mb222.gz 174.36MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_202615.gsf.mb121.gz 21.78MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_202615.sxp.mb222.gz 159.62MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_211124.gsf.mb121.gz 26.64MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_211124.sxp.mb222.gz 201.97MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_211633.gsf.mb121.gz 14.30MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_211633.sxp.mb222.gz 106.72MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_211948.gsf.mb121.gz 11.95MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_211948.sxp.mb222.gz 93.79MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_214122.gsf.mb121.gz 4.89MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_214122.sxp.mb222.gz 24.95MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_214226.gsf.mb121.gz 17.26MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_214226.sxp.mb222.gz 122.33MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_214614.gsf.mb121.gz 15.16MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_214614.sxp.mb222.gz 110.44MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_214911.gsf.mb121.gz 16.76MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_214911.sxp.mb222.gz 118.83MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_215245.gsf.mb121.gz 15.04MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_215245.sxp.mb222.gz 99.92MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_220831.gsf.mb121.gz 52.22MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_220831.sxp.mb222.gz 331.77MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_221832.gsf.mb121.gz 52.30MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_221832.sxp.mb222.gz 349.22MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_222832.gsf.mb121.gz 52.29MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_222832.sxp.mb222.gz 328.33MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_223832.gsf.mb121.gz 52.24MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_223832.sxp.mb222.gz 342.38MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_224832.gsf.mb121.gz 51.35MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_224832.sxp.mb222.gz 356.80MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep19_225832.gsf.mb121.gz 29.18MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep19_225832.sxp.mb222.gz 124.78MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_142447.gsf.mb121.gz 52.41MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_142447.sxp.mb222.gz 321.20MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_143449.gsf.mb121.gz 12.06MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_143449.sxp.mb222.gz 60.84MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_150429.gsf.mb121.gz 52.27MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_150429.sxp.mb222.gz 326.94MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_151431.gsf.mb121.gz 9.90MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_151431.sxp.mb222.gz 47.01MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_153145.gsf.mb121.gz 48.67MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_153145.sxp.mb222.gz 257.91MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_155745.gsf.mb121.gz 39.67MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_155745.sxp.mb222.gz 215.30MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_161516.gsf.mb121.gz 52.07MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_161516.sxp.mb222.gz 260.14MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_162517.gsf.mb121.gz 52.36MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_162517.sxp.mb222.gz 284.37MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_163517.gsf.mb121.gz 52.01MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_163517.sxp.mb222.gz 321.84MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_164517.gsf.mb121.gz 13.27MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_164517.sxp.mb222.gz 49.89MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_164751.gsf.mb121.gz 2.16MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_164751.sxp.mb222.gz 7.11MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_164823.gsf.mb121.gz 51.43MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_164823.sxp.mb222.gz 287.72MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_165824.gsf.mb121.gz 52.50MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_165824.sxp.mb222.gz 309.48MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_170824.gsf.mb121.gz 52.41MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_170824.sxp.mb222.gz 266.29MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_171824.gsf.mb121.gz 17.35MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_171824.sxp.mb222.gz 89.11MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_172237.gsf.mb121.gz 52.37MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_172237.sxp.mb222.gz 255.01MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_173239.gsf.mb121.gz 52.46MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_173239.sxp.mb222.gz 292.41MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_174239.gsf.mb121.gz 52.50MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_174239.sxp.mb222.gz 312.98MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_175239.gsf.mb121.gz 4.02MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_175239.sxp.mb222.gz 16.17MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_175326.gsf.mb121.gz 52.52MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_175326.sxp.mb222.gz 295.75MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_180327.gsf.mb121.gz 50.86MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_180327.sxp.mb222.gz 311.41MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_181905.gsf.mb121.gz 52.19MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_181905.sxp.mb222.gz 256.44MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_182906.gsf.mb121.gz 10.36MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_182906.sxp.mb222.gz 51.53MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_183642.gsf.mb121.gz 52.28MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_183642.sxp.mb222.gz 253.47MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_184645.gsf.mb121.gz 52.40MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_184645.sxp.mb222.gz 355.66MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_185645.gsf.mb121.gz 46.67MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_185645.sxp.mb222.gz 277.05MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_190541.gsf.mb121.gz 50.80MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_190541.sxp.mb222.gz 228.52MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_191547.gsf.mb121.gz 52.42MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_191547.sxp.mb222.gz 338.64MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_192547.gsf.mb121.gz 52.29MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_192547.sxp.mb222.gz 275.13MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_193547.gsf.mb121.gz 8.18MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_193547.sxp.mb222.gz 39.65MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_193740.gsf.mb121.gz 52.36MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_193740.sxp.mb222.gz 281.18MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_194742.gsf.mb121.gz 52.43MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_194742.sxp.mb222.gz 332.32MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep24_195742.gsf.mb121.gz 44.97MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep24_195742.sxp.mb222.gz 208.83MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_141134.gsf.mb121.gz 46.00MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_141134.sxp.mb222.gz 181.61MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_142146.gsf.mb121.gz 52.54MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_142146.sxp.mb222.gz 319.28MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_143146.gsf.mb121.gz 52.50MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_143146.sxp.mb222.gz 302.36MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_144146.gsf.mb121.gz 2.74MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_144146.sxp.mb222.gz 13.99MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_145129.gsf.mb121.gz 52.56MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_145129.sxp.mb222.gz 301.04MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_150135.gsf.mb121.gz 52.51MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_150135.sxp.mb222.gz 315.68MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_151135.gsf.mb121.gz 48.95MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_151135.sxp.mb222.gz 217.26MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_152135.gsf.mb121.gz 8.88MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_152135.sxp.mb222.gz 37.21MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_152324.gsf.mb121.gz 2.44MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_152324.sxp.mb222.gz 8.05MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_152405.gsf.mb121.gz 48.57MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_152405.sxp.mb222.gz 209.65MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_153406.gsf.mb121.gz 52.56MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_153406.sxp.mb222.gz 292.77MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_154406.gsf.mb121.gz 50.13MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_154406.sxp.mb222.gz 296.11MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_155401.gsf.mb121.gz 52.39MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_155401.sxp.mb222.gz 306.91MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_160402.gsf.mb121.gz 52.49MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_160402.sxp.mb222.gz 288.43MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_161402.gsf.mb121.gz 50.31MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_161402.sxp.mb222.gz 217.98MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_162402.gsf.mb121.gz 2.27MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_162402.sxp.mb222.gz 8.18MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_162429.gsf.mb121.gz 3.30MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_162429.sxp.mb222.gz 11.51MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_162511.gsf.mb121.gz 51.80MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_162511.sxp.mb222.gz 249.13MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_163512.gsf.mb121.gz 30.06MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_163512.sxp.mb222.gz 172.60MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_164839.gsf.mb121.gz 52.39MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_164839.sxp.mb222.gz 301.25MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_165840.gsf.mb121.gz 18.94MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_165840.sxp.mb222.gz 116.98MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_170257.gsf.mb121.gz 52.41MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_170257.sxp.mb222.gz 306.78MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_171258.gsf.mb121.gz 52.55MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_171258.sxp.mb222.gz 304.75MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_172258.gsf.mb121.gz 52.48MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_172258.sxp.mb222.gz 258.87MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_173258.gsf.mb121.gz 3.52MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_173258.sxp.mb222.gz 11.94MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_173341.gsf.mb121.gz 52.35MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_173341.sxp.mb222.gz 292.45MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_174342.gsf.mb121.gz 52.38MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_174342.sxp.mb222.gz 313.88MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_175342.gsf.mb121.gz 49.09MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_175342.sxp.mb222.gz 299.97MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_180858.gsf.mb121.gz 52.51MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_180858.sxp.mb222.gz 318.86MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_181858.gsf.mb121.gz 52.61MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_181858.sxp.mb222.gz 324.02MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_182858.gsf.mb121.gz 44.70MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_182858.sxp.mb222.gz 253.55MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_183728.gsf.mb121.gz 3.73MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_183728.sxp.mb222.gz 12.43MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_183821.gsf.mb121.gz 49.03MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_183821.sxp.mb222.gz 293.70MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_185209.gsf.mb121.gz 52.50MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_185209.sxp.mb222.gz 346.94MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_190210.gsf.mb121.gz 3.73MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_190210.sxp.mb222.gz 12.74MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_190257.gsf.mb121.gz 24.46MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_190257.sxp.mb222.gz 134.53MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep25_190815.gsf.mb121.gz 7.51MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep25_190815.sxp.mb222.gz 43.05MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_140039.gsf.mb121.gz 5.24MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_140039.sxp.mb222.gz 17.20MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_140211.gsf.mb121.gz 42.52MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_140211.sxp.mb222.gz 191.76MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_141538.gsf.mb121.gz 50.36MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_141538.sxp.mb222.gz 255.29MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_142541.gsf.mb121.gz 51.76MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_142541.sxp.mb222.gz 269.93MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_143541.gsf.mb121.gz 20.60MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_143541.sxp.mb222.gz 119.33MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_144706.gsf.mb121.gz 52.37MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_144706.sxp.mb222.gz 233.12MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_145708.gsf.mb121.gz 52.56MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_145708.sxp.mb222.gz 259.72MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_150708.gsf.mb121.gz 48.71MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_150708.sxp.mb222.gz 242.24MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_151644.gsf.mb121.gz 7.85MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_151644.sxp.mb222.gz 32.73MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_152422.gsf.mb121.gz 52.51MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_152422.sxp.mb222.gz 258.94MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_153424.gsf.mb121.gz 52.52MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_153424.sxp.mb222.gz 262.28MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_154424.gsf.mb121.gz 52.54MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_154424.sxp.mb222.gz 264.39MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_155424.gsf.mb121.gz 51.80MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_155424.sxp.mb222.gz 269.60MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_160424.gsf.mb121.gz 51.09MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_160424.sxp.mb222.gz 251.98MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_161424.gsf.mb121.gz 2.37MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_161424.sxp.mb222.gz 7.75MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_161509.gsf.mb121.gz 1.73MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_161509.sxp.mb222.gz 5.65MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_162015.gsf.mb121.gz 51.51MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_162015.sxp.mb222.gz 244.77MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_163019.gsf.mb121.gz 52.52MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_163019.sxp.mb222.gz 290.10MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_164019.gsf.mb121.gz 22.27MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_164019.sxp.mb222.gz 121.83MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_165131.gsf.mb121.gz 52.60MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_165131.sxp.mb222.gz 251.32MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_170133.gsf.mb121.gz 52.66MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_170133.sxp.mb222.gz 268.91MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_171133.gsf.mb121.gz 43.96MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_171133.sxp.mb222.gz 214.61MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_171955.gsf.mb121.gz 3.94MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_171955.sxp.mb222.gz 15.26MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_172043.gsf.mb121.gz 6.79MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_172043.sxp.mb222.gz 31.32MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_172601.gsf.mb121.gz 52.49MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_172601.sxp.mb222.gz 247.93MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_173602.gsf.mb121.gz 52.59MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_173602.sxp.mb222.gz 267.66MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_174602.gsf.mb121.gz 52.48MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_174602.sxp.mb222.gz 237.56MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_175602.gsf.mb121.gz 52.56MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_175602.sxp.mb222.gz 286.41MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_180602.gsf.mb121.gz 52.34MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_180602.sxp.mb222.gz 249.07MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep26_181602.gsf.mb121.gz 4.57MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep26_181602.sxp.mb222.gz 15.73MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_144132.gsf.mb121.gz 37.72MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_144132.sxp.mb222.gz 168.17MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_144923.gsf.mb121.gz 38.25MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_144923.sxp.mb222.gz 161.87MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_145714.gsf.mb121.gz 37.96MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_145714.sxp.mb222.gz 157.14MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_150528.gsf.mb121.gz 38.14MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_150528.sxp.mb222.gz 156.16MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_151308.gsf.mb121.gz 37.18MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_151308.sxp.mb222.gz 150.08MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_152055.gsf.mb121.gz 39.18MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_152055.sxp.mb222.gz 153.37MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_152844.gsf.mb121.gz 40.31MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_152844.sxp.mb222.gz 154.00MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_153707.gsf.mb121.gz 30.28MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_153707.sxp.mb222.gz 116.19MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_154335.gsf.mb121.gz 29.62MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_154335.sxp.mb222.gz 114.86MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_154948.gsf.mb121.gz 28.10MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_154948.sxp.mb222.gz 104.32MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_155533.gsf.mb121.gz 34.18MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_155533.sxp.mb222.gz 127.51MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_160259.gsf.mb121.gz 26.88MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_160259.sxp.mb222.gz 99.92MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_160840.gsf.mb121.gz 29.73MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_160840.sxp.mb222.gz 109.98MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_161901.gsf.mb121.gz 29.30MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_161901.sxp.mb222.gz 105.80MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_162453.gsf.mb121.gz 27.91MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_162453.sxp.mb222.gz 98.16MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_163111.gsf.mb121.gz 20.94MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_163111.sxp.mb222.gz 69.37MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_163624.gsf.mb121.gz 19.47MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_163624.sxp.mb222.gz 64.27MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_165041.gsf.mb121.gz 51.99MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_165041.sxp.mb222.gz 283.01MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_170042.gsf.mb121.gz 51.96MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_170042.sxp.mb222.gz 270.00MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_171042.gsf.mb121.gz 9.57MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_171042.sxp.mb222.gz 67.25MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_171828.gsf.mb121.gz 52.31MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_171828.sxp.mb222.gz 242.35MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_172829.gsf.mb121.gz 52.20MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_172829.sxp.mb222.gz 262.33MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_173829.gsf.mb121.gz 44.09MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_173829.sxp.mb222.gz 225.90MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_175906.gsf.mb121.gz 38.09MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_175906.sxp.mb222.gz 190.56MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_180652.gsf.mb121.gz 28.48MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_180652.sxp.mb222.gz 140.70MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_183640.gsf.mb121.gz 22.67MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_183640.sxp.mb222.gz 119.47MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_184728.gsf.mb121.gz 8.88MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_184728.sxp.mb222.gz 53.15MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2009Sep27_184935.gsf.mb121.gz 7.43MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2009Sep27_184935.sxp.mb222.gz 36.84MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_201034.gsf.mb121.gz 28.53MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_201034.sxp.mb222.gz 93.18MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_202036.gsf.mb121.gz 4.06MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_202036.sxp.mb222.gz 13.24MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_202158.gsf.mb121.gz 15.86MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_202158.sxp.mb222.gz 51.87MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_202722.gsf.mb121.gz 15.95MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_202722.sxp.mb222.gz 51.97MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_203258.gsf.mb121.gz 13.63MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_203258.sxp.mb222.gz 44.47MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_203747.gsf.mb121.gz 13.52MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_203747.sxp.mb222.gz 43.87MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_204254.gsf.mb121.gz 10.21MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_204254.sxp.mb222.gz 33.11MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_204659.gsf.mb121.gz 17.56MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_204659.sxp.mb222.gz 56.70MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_205423.gsf.mb121.gz 12.76MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_205423.sxp.mb222.gz 41.13MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_210759.gsf.mb121.gz 23.76MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_210759.sxp.mb222.gz 76.97MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_211801.gsf.mb121.gz 9.48MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_211801.sxp.mb222.gz 30.72MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_212423.gsf.mb121.gz 20.34MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_212423.sxp.mb222.gz 66.60MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_213345.gsf.mb121.gz 17.78MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_213345.sxp.mb222.gz 58.10MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_214222.gsf.mb121.gz 23.55MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_214222.sxp.mb222.gz 77.04MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_215223.gsf.mb121.gz 2.44MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_215223.sxp.mb222.gz 7.93MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_215828.gsf.mb121.gz 23.81MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_215828.sxp.mb222.gz 77.95MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_220804.gsf.mb121.gz 10.98MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_220804.sxp.mb222.gz 35.56MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_221337.gsf.mb121.gz 14.30MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_221337.sxp.mb222.gz 46.41MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_222051.gsf.mb121.gz 17.94MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_222051.sxp.mb222.gz 58.25MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
2010Jul29_222744.gsf.mb121.gz 17.77MB SAIC Generic Sensor Format (GSF)
2010Jul29_222744.sxp.mb222.gz 58.12MB Processed Interferometric Sonar file .sxp
CC2_BlockA11_caris.tar.gz 30975.95MB Caris project data files
CC2_vesselconfig_caris.tar.gz 7.2KB Caris project data files

Products: 1

Files File Size Description
CC2_BlockA11_additional_products.tar.gz 455.70MB Additional Products

Metadata Files: 1

Files File Size Description
NCCMP2_A01-A11_CSMP_Metadata.txt 4.5KB Informal metadata text

Ancillary Files: 4

Files File Size Description
POS_MV_CC2_BlockA11_ancillary.tar.gz 9501.41MB Ancillary Data Files
svp.tar.gz 0.95MB Sound Speed Profiles (SSP or SVP)
CC2_BlockA_version2_svp.tar.gz 6.37MB Ancillary Data Files
sbet_CC2_BlockA11_ancillary.tar.gz 5054.09MB Ancillary Data Files