IBCAO Version 2.23

created March 8, 2008

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We ask all that make use of any data provided on this site to please cite:

Jakobsson, M., R. Macnab, L. Mayer, R. Anderson, M. Edwards, J. Hatzky, H. W. Schenke, and P. Johnson (2008), An improved bathymetric portrayal of the Arctic Ocean: Implications for ocean modeling and geological, geophysical and oceanographic analyses, Geophysical Research Letters, DOI: 10.1029/2008GL033520.

This site contains the two directories "grids" and "maps". Grids contains the IBCAO grid in various formats and maps contains products derived from the IBCAO grid such as maps that may be used for illustrations in articles and bathymetric contours derived from the IBCAO grid.

For a listing of data types and subdirectories, please see the README.txt file.