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2.C. Major Collaborators in GLOBE

The members of the GLOBE Task Team, with representative contributions, are summarized below, in time-sequential order. Acronyms are defined in Appendix B.

Before 1993:
tabDLR (Gunter Schreier and Achim Roth): initial coordinator (Schreier), design considerations, quality control
tabNOAA/NGDC (David Hastings and Paula Dunbar): later coordinator (Hastings); prototype construction in the form of NGDC’s TerrainBase; DEM collection, creation, and conversion; coordinating GLOBE review, compilation, documentation, and access
tabUCL (Jan-Peter Muller): Design considerations, DCW conversion prototyping, quality control testing
tabUSGS/EDC (Susan Jenson and Dean Gesch): DCW conversion, DEM collection and conversion, construction of USGS's GTOPO30

tabCEOS-WGD (via Gunter Schreier): design and distribution considerations

tabDMA (now NIMA; Gerald Elphingstone): developing publicly releasable DTED prototype, design considerations
tabGSI (Hiroshi Murakami, later Hiromichi Maruyama): DEM of Japan, quality control, digitizing
tabIGBP-DIS (John MacDonald): design and distribution considerations

tabJPL (Nevin Bryant): design and distribution considerations, development of MISR DEM

tabAUSLIG (Peter Holland): data from which to create a DEM of Australia

tabISPRS Working Group IV/6 (Ryutaro Tateishi): design considerations


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