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Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
tab2.A. What GLOBE Is
tab2.B. A Brief History of GLOBE
tab2.C. Major Collaborators in GLOBE
tab2.D. Contributions Invited for Future Enhancements to GLOBE
3. Citation of GLOBE & Copyright Information
tab3.A. Citation of GLOBE
tab3.B. Copyright and Redistribution Information
4. General Characteristics of GLOBE
5. Data Set Development
tab5.A. DEM Sources and Processing
tabtab5.A.i. Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED)
tabtabtab5.A.i.a. Source Characteristics
tabtabtab5.A.i.b. Derivation of the 30" DEM from Source Materials
tabtabtab5.A.i.c. Extracts from Prototype NIMA Documentation of DTED Level 0
tabtabtab5.A.i.d. Characteristics of 30" DEMs from DTED
tabtab5.A.ii. DEM for Australia
tabtab5.A.iii. DEM for Japan
tabtab5.A.iv. DEM for Italy
tabtab5.A.v. DEM for New Zealand DEM for Greenland
tabtab5.A.vii. Digital Chart of the World
tabtab5.A.viii. Maps for Parts of Asia and South America
tabtab5.A.ix. Maps for Part of Brazil
tabtab5.A.x. Map for Part of Peru
tabtab5.A.xi. Antarctic Digital Database
tab5.B. Assembly of GLOBE Version 1.0
tabtab5.B.i. Quality Assessment
tabtabtab5.B.i.a. Japan
tabtabtab5.B.i.b. Italy
tabtabtab5.B.i.c. Australia
tabtabtab5.B.i.d. Greenland
tabtabtab5.B.i.e. Antarctica
tabtabtab5.B.i.f. Conterminous United States and Vicinity
tabtabtab5.B.i.g. DTED within 50o of the Equator
tabtabtab5.B.i.h. DTED Poleward of 50o North and South Latitudes
tabtabtab5.B.i.i. DCW vs. Other Cartographic Sources
tabtab5.B.ii. Global Data Set Assembly
tabtab5.B.iii. Georeferencing of GLOBE
tabtab5.B.iv. Comparison of GLOBE with Other Available DEMs
tabtab5.B.v. GLOBE's Development as Additional DEMs Are Created
6. Imperfections in Digital Elevation Data
tab6.A. Grid Spacing and Resolution
tab6.B. Topographic Detail and Accuracy
tab6.C. Production Artifacts
7. Accuracy
tab7.A. Horizontal Accuracy
tabtab7.A.i. Data from Raster Data Sources
tabtab7.A.ii. Data from Cartographic Sources
tab7.B. Vertical Accuracy
tabtab7.B.i. Absolute Accuracy: Data from Raster Sources
tabtab7.B.ii. Absolute Accuracy: Data from Cartographic Sources
tabtab7.B.iii. Relative Accuracy
tabtab7.B.iv. Summary: How to Use These Assessments
tab7.C. Additional Accuracy Assessments by Peer Reviewers
tab7.D. Additional Comments on Accuracy
8. Visualizations of GLOBE & Ancillary Data
tab8.A. Visualizations of GLOBE
tab8.B. Ancillary Data
tabtab8.B.i. Source/Lineage File (with Contained Ocean Mask)
tabtab8.B.ii. Slope and Aspect Data (Why Aren't They Provided?)
9. Upcoming Improvements
tab9.A. Integration with Other Data
tab9.B. Additional Contributions of Land Elevation Data
10. Data Distribution
11. Data Format and Importing GLOBE Data
tab11.A. Data and Source File-Naming Convention
tab11.B. MetaData File-Naming Convention and Directory Structure
tab11.C. Elevation Data File Sizes, Regional Extent and Statistics
tab11.D. Digital Elevation Data File Format
tab11.E. Source/Lineage Map
tab11.F. Header Files and Associated Files
tabtab11.F.i. GeoVu Headers and Associated Files deprecated
tabtab11.F.ii. Idrisi Headers and Associated Files
tabtab11.F.iii. GRASS Headers and Associated Files
tabtab11.F.iv.Arc/INFO & ArcView Headers and Associated Files
tab11.G. Obtaining and Importing GLOBE Data
tabtab11.G.i. Obtaining the Data
tabtab11.G.ii. GUNZIP the Compressed Data from the Web Site
tabtab11.G.iii. Which Computer Are You Using?
tabtab11.G.iv. Importing into NGDC's GeoVu deprecated
tabtabtab11.G.iv.a Accessing GLOBE Data on the CD-ROM
tabtabtab11.G.iv.b Accessing GLOBE Data Obtained from the GLOBE Web site
tabtab11.G.v. Importing into Clark University's Idrisi Importing into the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' GRASS Importing GLOBE Data Using a Sample GRASS Data Base Importing GLOBE Data into Your Own GRASS Data Base
tabtab11.G.vii. Importing into ERDAS
tabtab11.G.viii. Importing into ESRI's Arc/INFO
tabtab11.G.ix. Importing into ESRI's ArcView
tabtab11.G.x. Importing into Adobe Photoshop
tabtab11.G.xi. Importing into Other Software Packages
tab11.H. Projection Information
tab1.I. Georeferencing in GLOBE
12. Disclaimers
13. References

Appendix A. Participants in the GLOBE Project and Acknowledgments
Appendix B. Glossary of Acronyms
Appendix C. Federal Geographic Data Committee Metadata, and Global Change Master Directory .DIF for GLOBE

Histograms of Data

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